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PackageMax. Var.Max. Ind. Var.Max. Obs.

64-bit vers. Available?

Parallel processing?Platforms
Stata MP 120000 10998 Unlimited* Yes Yes Win Mac (64-bit Intel), Unix
Stata SE 32767 10998 Unlimited* Yes No Win, Mac, Unix
Stata IC 2048 798 Unlimited* Yes No Win, Mac, Unix
*The maximum number of observations is limited only by the amount of available RAM on your system ×


A - If the product has different unitary prices depending on the number of users ordered:
  1. You should always start ordering from user N. 1 ( Except when combining in one order different Stata flavors with this kind of discount or when ordering network license expansions. Read more here)
  2. Follow the user intervals until you reach the total amount of users desired. 

B - If the product does not have any volume discount, which means that the unitary price for the product is always the same regardless the number of units to be acquired, just fill in the amount in the field for quantity and click buy or add to cart.
For further assistance, click here. ×