We are the Stata distributor for Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We were the first international distributor of Stata software in the world, and after 30+ years of working with Stata and Stata users we are able to offer an unparalleled level of service and support. 


Introducing StataNow™

StataNow is is a continuous-release version of Stata that gives users access to new features as soon as they are ready, and at no additional cost. With StataNow you have access to features that you otherwise would not have had access to until the release of Stata 19. Click here for more information.











Stata 18 - Made for Data Science

Stata 18 contains a wealth of new and interesting features such as:

1. Bayesian model averaging

2. Causal mediation analysis

3. Tables of descripive statistics

4. Heterogeneous DID

5. Group sequential designs

6. Multilevel meta-analysis

7. Meta-analysis for prevalence

8. Robust inference for linear models

9. Wild cluster bootstrap

10. Local projections for IRFs

11. Flexible demand system models

12. TVCs with interval-censored Cox model

13. Lasso for Cox model

14. RERI

15. IV quantile regression

16. IV fractional probit model

17. Alias variables across frames

18. Data Editor enhancements

19. Do-file Editor enhancements

20. All-new graph style

And more...

Learn more about all the features of Stata 18 by clicking here. 





Join us in Oslo

The 2024 Northern European Stata Conference will be held in Oslo, Norway, at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park on Tuesday 10 September 2024. More information


Stata in Swedish

If you prefer your menus to be in another language than English, you can choose between Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese -- and Swedish.




Stata Site Licences for Universities


University-wide site licenses is the most economical and administratively most efficient way of supplying Stata to faculty and students. Several Nordic universitites already have signed site license agreements with us such as

- Aalborg University

- Stockholm University

- Gothenburg University

- Stockholm School of Economics

- Norwegian University of Science and Technology

- Norwegian School of Economics

- Copenhagen Business School

- University of Southern Denmark

- University of Helsinki

- Oslo University

Please contact us for further details.



The Stata Prof+ Plan

The Stata Prof+ Plan offers exactly the same products and pricing as the old GradPlan. If you have not already explored it, please click here for more information.