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Welcome to Stata Nordic!

We are the Stata distributor for Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We were the first international distributor of Stata software in the world, and after 25+ years of working with Stata and Stata users we are able to offer an unparalleled service and support. 


2019 Stata Winter School!

Don't miss out on this winter's Stata event! This time around we are offering a new set of courses in our Stata Winter School. Interact with other Stata users, learn from our very experienced and knowledgable professors and further expand your Stata skills.  Learn more here!


Metrika is the new Stata distributor for Russia.

Metrika recently became the Stata distributor for Russia. We are very pleased about this and we look forward to working with all Stata users in Russia. Our ambition is to offer highly professional support in all Stata related matters, from sales to technical support, and we plan to also organize user group meetings and Stata courses in Russia.  If you have any suggestions on how we can support Stata usage in Russia we very much look forward to hearing from you (for further information, click here).


Stata User Group Meeting in Oslo

The 2018 Nordic and Baltic Stata Users Group meeting was held at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park on September 12 (Abstracts and proceedings). The meeting was a great success and we would like to thank the local organizers for doing such an excellent work. 


Stata 15

Stata 15 is the biggest release ever and is filled with many new features. This release is unique because most of the new features can be used by researchers in every discipline. Here are the highlights of the release:

Stata in Swedish

° ERMs--Combine endogenous covariates, sample selection, and endogenous treatment in models for continuous, binary, and ordered outcomes

° Latent class analysis (LCA)

° Bayes’s prefix for 45 estimation commands

° Produce Word® and PDF documents embedding Stata results and graphs

° Markdown and dynamic documents: Create web pages with Stata output, graphs ...

° Linearized dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models

° Finite mixture models (FMMs) for 17 estimators and combinations (survival)

° Spatial autoregressive models

° Interval-censored survival models

° Nonlinear multilevel mixed-effects models

° Mixed logit models: advanced choice modeling

° Nonparametric regression

° Browse and import data from FRED

° Threshold regression

° Bayesian multilevel models

° Panel data tobit

° Multilevel regression for interval-censored data

° Multilevel tobit regression for censored data

° Panel-data cointegration tests

° Tests for multiple breaks in time series

° Multiple-group SEM for continuous, binary, ordered, and count outcomes

° Multiple-group multilevel SEM


° Power analysis for cluster randomized designs

° Power analysis for linear regression models

° Heteroskedastic linear regression

° Poisson with sample selection

° Zero-inflated ordered probit

° Add your own power and sample-size methods

° Transparency on graphs

° Stream random-number generator 


For more information about the new features in Stata 15, please click here.

In order to get a quote for upgrading your existing Stata licenses or to purchase new licenses, please click here.


Stata Site Licences

University wide site licenses is the most economical and administratively most efficient way of supplying Stata to faculty and students.  Several Nordic universitites already have signed site license agreements with us such as Stockholm School of Economics, Aalborg University, Agder University, University of Bergen, SDU, and Oslo University. Please contact us for further details.