The different editions of Stata


Stata/MP: The fastest and largest edition of Stata. Now in addition to its multiprocessing capabilities, Stata/MP can also analyze more data than any other flavor of Stata. Stata/MP can analyze 10 to 20 billion observations given the current largest computers, and is ready to analyze up to 281 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up.

Stata/SE: Standard edition; for larger datasets.

Stata/BE: Stata/BE: Basic edition; for mid-sized datasets.


Detailed feature description

Most computers purchased since mid 2006 can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing of Stata/MP. On dual-core chips, Stata/MP runs 40% faster overall and 72% faster where it matters, on the time-consuming estimation commands. With more than two cores or processors, Stata/MP is even faster. Stata/SE and Stata/BE differ only in the dataset size that each can analyze.

Stata/SE and Stata/MP can fit models with more independent variables than Stata/BE (up to 65,532 with Stata/MP).

Stata/BE allows datasets with as many as 2,048 variables, and the maximum number of observations is 2.14 billion. Stata/BE can have at most 798 right-hand-side variables in a model.

All the above editions have the same complete set of commands and features and include PDF documentation. 


Compare features


PackageMax. Var.Max. Ind. Var.Max. Obs.

64-bit vers. 

Parallel processing?Platforms
Stata MP 120000 65,532 20 billion* Yes Yes Win Mac Unix
Stata SE 32767 10,998 2.14 billion* Yes No Win Mac Unix
Stata BE 2048 798 2.14 billion* Yes No Win Mac Unix

*The maximum number of observations is limited only by the amount of available RAM on your system  

Please find here a more complete list of differences between Stata editions.

Compatible operating systems

Stata will run on the platforms listed below. While Stata software is platform-specific, your Stata license is not; therefore, you need not specify your operating system when placing your order for a license.

Stata for Windows:

Windows 11
Windows 10*
Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012R2*
Windows Server 2022

* Stata requires 64-bit Windows for x86-64 processors made by Intel® and AMD


Stata for Mac:

* Stata requires a Mac with Apple Silicon or 64-bit Intel processor.

* Stata for Mac requires MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or newer for Macs with Apple Silicon and MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer for Macs with 64-bit Intel processors.

Stata for Linux:
Minimum requirements include the GNU C library (glibc) 2.17 or better and libcurl4


Hardware requirements

Package   Memory   Disk space
Stata/MP     4 GB    2 GB
Stata/SE    2 GB    2 GB
Stata/BE    1 GB    2 GB


Stata for Unix requires a video card that can display thousands of colors or more (16-bit or 24-bit color)